Preppy Divas – Preppy Mommies Trying To Look Good

It’s every pregnant woman’s problem. How do you dress to look good with your baby bump? Especially if you are a working mom and needs to dress up for work. Although offices do have policies in making it easy for expecting moms to wear anything comfortable for them to go to work, there is always the concept of looking good for positivity and confidence.

As always, you need to be comfortable with what you wear. With a pregnant woman, there is always something that will make you uncomfortable every single day so crossing your dress off the list would be a great idea.

Try to wear free flowing blouses. Nothing beats comfort than a cotton shirt and then cover it with a silky blouse to make it look good.


Black pants worn with a good pair of heels is not only practical but also fashionable. Jeans, if the workplace permits it, is also practical. It goes with almost everything.


A custom made blazer is perfect for ease of use and for added professional look.


For a more formal look, there are a lot of dresses especially long black dresses that are custom made for expecting moms. Since most offices allow pregnant women to wear anything they want as long as their comfortable, novelties can be an option. This do not only say style but promotes self-expression and individuality.


Accessorize. There is always room for accessories even when you are expecting but keep in mind comfort and ease of movement. Less of these are more beneficial especially if you are expecting real soon since all those will go off once you’re in the emergency room.

Again, we cannot emphasize more on comfort to be prioritized. These are just insights that you might want to take note of when you are expecting and is a working mom at the same time. You can always wear what you want.